What Is the Difference Between a Wallet, a Blockchain, an Account, and an Address in Emerald Wallet?

On Emerald, you may have many wallets, each wallet may have many blockchains, and in each blockchain you may have many accounts, which are also called "addresses".

What Is a Wallet?

A wallet inside Emerald is like a compartment where you may have several blockchains with several cryptocurrencies. Each wallet in Emerald has a wallet ID which you can label.

For example, if you have a wallet called "wallet 1" you may have Bitcoin and Ethereum enabled there. If you have a second wallet called "wallet 2" you may have Ethereum and Ethereum Classic there.

So, the term "wallet" in Emerald means a separate place where you can have several cryptocurrencies.

What is a blockchain?

As explained above, each wallet in Emerald may have several blockchains. A blockchain is a cryptocurrency network such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. So, "wallets" are like containers where you may have several blockchains inside Emerald so you can better organize your money!

What is an account?

An account or address (which are the same thing) in a blockchain is analogous to an account in a bank.

It is a long string of digits that is your account inside said blockchain. This means that all the assets, cryptos, NFTs, and balances that you have in that account belong to you and you control them with your private keys.

For example, this is how accounts or addresses look in the blockchains we support:

  1. Bitcoin: bc1qtr4dxskads7awt77qjuwd6n8ap7vvjfhgvyxgf
  2. Ethereum: 0x5be6ce1b0b91764b0dceb5bd32643693a5873cca
  3. Ethereum Classic: 0x978B158c282A5C97a1eD2F03377f62F3D8E69fDa

What is an address?

An address is exactly the same as an account, it is just another term that people use.

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